Starting anew


I’ve been planning to reboot my blog/randomshits for a while now. I’ll try to make this a weekly thing, unless something nice pops out that’s worth writing about. I was a bit annoyed at how posts seem minute unlike when I was blogging way back in multiply, etc. I guess microblogging sites like twitter/plurk (and eventually,facebook) gave us this habit of just post/share content without adding a shred of your own reactions to it.

So, what to expect from this blog? At the top of my head~

  • Random musings about work or shits
  • Funny random shares worth saving (will try to minimize this since we all have FB for that already)
  • Insights and stories on games I’ve been playing.
  • Short and quick anime/manga rants.
  • A few random stories (probably set in this fictional world I’m working on before)
  • A bunch of doodles XD

So here’s for trying to will myself back to writing again


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