[QD] Kuchizuke Diamond~

Current LSS for me XD Have been planning this doodle ever since ep1 came out. Still want to work on a different angle for this pose.

Either way~ here’s to more idle time to practice XD



[EVT] Gundam Model Kit Contest 2015

GMKC2015 is currently being held in SM Megamall’s event center. The participants showcasing their works spanning 6 categories, with the champions for each category winning a trip to Gunpla Expo in Taiwan.

Really liking the participants’ works, there are a few dioramas there that looked great. Though there are some that are kinda hard to capture with the camera given how they placed the case. Jami (HatarakiMan) is also participating with his Ez-SR Intruder.

And I need a better camera to give justice to everyone’s hard work “orz (mental note: never use the phone’s camera >_<)

For more details and news for the event, visit Gundam Philippines and Gundam.Info.en

[QD] Idleness

Working on a few practices here and there while making the most out of the idle time.

I really like Xillia 2’s Fractured Milla. The game was able to make her distinct from Prime Milla, fleshing her out as an entirely new character. She was there not as some decoration to help push the story forward, but she adds layers of depth to the rest of the cast, especially to Ludger and Elle.

That aside, please ignore the really bad fingarz, was just trying to add the lines out of the rough sketch while trying to practice foreshortening. (Thanks tere for the quick lessons)



I really wish that the story gave Prime and Fractured Milla an opportunity to interact. They’d be like twins XD

[RND] Overdue bday stuff

First off, thanks to everyone who greeted and celebrated with me. I wont be pulling something like that anytime until next year. (unless there is a big occasion for it)

The day left me pumped up on a lot of stuff I want to finish/kickstart for this year. Hopefully this drive won’t die out because of a lot of games coming out XD

My haul for today: a few artbooks and a a DA graphic novel

imagea lot of stuff to digest and draw later on. Thanks to Tere for helping me figure out how foreshortening is properly done, will try them out as soon as I can start w/ my doodles.