[QD] Foxy

Been sidetracked for a while now because I’ve started playing FFXIV. I’m currently leveling a tank for a change (a shield tank at that) in Tonberry. If you are playing there, look for my upcoming paladin Meian Qerel. XD

Anyways, work hasn’t been picking up too much lately, that’s why the doodles come in more frequent than it was before. Chain Chronicles has been a bit tamed after the latest demon raid and I am now on grind mode. Trying to get some 4-5stars maxed out. Between that and doing some writing, I’ve also sneaked in and did a few more analysis on recent LCS and LCK VODs just to keep me up to date on the competitive scene especially when Worlds is about a few months away as each region’s respective leagues are slowly finishing their summer splits.

The writing part, well, that’s for me alone as I want to practice weaving stories around a world I’m currently building as well. A personal side project, if you might. But its something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick doodle from one of Tomia’s recent cosplays (link here). Kinda felt that I failed here since I gave up working on her :3 smile “orz


Will probably get back to this and fix her. Its been a while since I urged myself to try really hard after my last Tomia sketch. Every time I go through my sketch pad to start a new doodle, I always have to go to that page with that sketch; And it feels kinda sad knowing that I can (so far) fluke my way into drawing something like that. Sporadic quality all around, its one of the reasons why I keep on drawing, practicing. Hopefully I’ll get over this pseudo-slump and start drawing better again.

With so many things on my plate, I still want to do a bit more gaming and writing for Louie’s project as well. I have so many things I want to write or talk about, but never have the time or opportunity to do so. Hopefully things get manageable once I move out.


[QD] Horns and Buds

Moving on to FFXIV:ARR at the moment, I’ve assured that my backlog will get extremely drawn out because of this. MMOs are always a time-sink for me. And ironically, becomes a new source of frustration for me since I can’t play on week nights, especially when my brother’s gf spends the night here. As it stands, my only solace for gaming is during weekends. At first it never bothered me, until I started playing a subscription-based game. “orz

Either way, I’ve been trying to draw more stylistic now. Or rather, reverted back from realistic. With a lot of frustration I get when trying to make my drawing realistic, only to fall short most of the time. If you know about the Uncanny Valley (link here), it kinda relates to it since I’m trying to find my own style/flavor in drawing.


The model for this doodle is Ely (again), really love her cosplays (link here). I’ll probably fix this one later, I’m still not comfy on how her eyes turned out.

[QD] Midnight musings

Days seem to be getting longer and longer recently. And at times I kinda want to sleep it off. I try to keep myself preoccupied w/ a lot of doodles, but they’re mainly my form of procrastination.

Will update the images later w/ their links etc

Been thinking of writing a few insight posts on random animu and try to figure out what its trying to do (and whether or not they did it right). This was brought about a few recent discussions over skype that lasted for like 2hours or so just talking about animu and games.