[QD] Eiha – Chaos Dragon

Quick post while trying to upload my other doodles. Net has been really bad recently, at time I had to terminate and relaunch the youtube app just to get watch a new vid after finishing one. Though this only happens when I’m on mobile, I don’t experience it at my home’s wifi.

The only doodle I was able to upload (after waiting for a while) is of Eiha from Chaos Dragon. Its one of those random animu that I managed to keep watching because of the soundtrack, I still have a few things to nitpick about the plot and the ‘lore’, but that’s probably set on a new post altogether.

Eiha probably stood out to me because of the neko ears. Really a sucker for cat people XD Of course, the other characters are pretty interesting with their own motivations and struggles before the anime’s main storyline and before.


And yeah, the animu’s art style is way different from mine so….. I had struggles!! Yes, yes. “Struggles”. Dreaded fingers, the neko ears needs work.



[QD] Nostalgia Music

As most thursdays go, I play old faves for throwback thursdays; Mainly because I dont have much pics from way back to share. Music ranging from old anime music like YUA’s “Thank You, Love”, or even BGMs from RuroKen. I made it a point to find the songs that traces back when I started liking the anime as a genre.

What I do have in my playlist is Utada Hikaru’s “Final Distance”. She’s probably the first jap musician that really got me interested in looking into other songs outside anisong. It started out with her “Hikari” being shown in MTV back then.

Anyways, “Final Distance” is my fave Hikki song. The solemn tone accompanied by the surreal backdrop/setting of the music vid is really lovely. I even went as far as trying to tab the piano parts on the guitar. My rendition is still sloppy but its one of those niched group of songs back then that I alone enjoyed trying to play at home (where everyone arent that big jap culture enthusiasts).

The ‘climax’ scene for me is where both of her persona sang to each other while being separated by a thick glass. That scene has been burned to my memory and I’ve been trying to recreate it.

Well, here is one practice that I got out that I can safely say I’m not ashamed of. XD


Will try to rework it in SAI.

[QD] Au Ra

Been trying to get used to the changes. Its pretty much manageable though a lot of the effort are just me spending on new stuff.

First priority (aside from the usual cleaning and cooking stuff) was setting up the razer gear to allow me to play FFXIV on the ps4. XD

Which led to make a quick doodle today, female Au Ra from the original promo screens.


Still needs a little more work, going to make some screenies of my paladin and make a fanart out of it.

[QD] Quick Doodle number blahblah

The previous weeks have been pretty tiring for me. I’ve been working on the arrangements for moving in to the new apartment. Working out the budgeting for the appliances etc and visiting the place to oversee a few installations coming in. This means waking up early and leave from Valenzuela during rush hour; Heading for Boni ave via bus or MRT. Its been tiring, but I’m kinda glad that work hasn’t been hectic, giving me a bit of time to rest up.

Meanwhile, I’ve worked on a few doodles here and there, mainly on learning various awkward angles and poses. Here is one straight from Tomia’s recent photoset (link here)


That particular pic in her photoset stood out to me the most, kinda hard to explain why (apart from it having an interesting angle to it). Most of her more animated casual/non-cosplay photos were either incredibly cheery or aloof. This one, in particular, gave her a calm and serene vibe to it. I guess its the angle that somewhat eclipsed her usual gleeful smile.

Oh yeah, flowers haet. A lot of the flower ornaments were improvised squiggles. I should really work on how to draw various flowers properly.