[QD] Quick Doodle number blahblah

The previous weeks have been pretty tiring for me. I’ve been working on the arrangements for moving in to the new apartment. Working out the budgeting for the appliances etc and visiting the place to oversee a few installations coming in. This means waking up early and leave from Valenzuela during rush hour; Heading for Boni ave via bus or MRT. Its been tiring, but I’m kinda glad that work hasn’t been hectic, giving me a bit of time to rest up.

Meanwhile, I’ve worked on a few doodles here and there, mainly on learning various awkward angles and poses. Here is one straight from Tomia’s recent photoset (link here)


That particular pic in her photoset stood out to me the most, kinda hard to explain why (apart from it having an interesting angle to it). Most of her more animated casual/non-cosplay photos were either incredibly cheery or aloof. This one, in particular, gave her a calm and serene vibe to it. I guess its the angle that somewhat eclipsed her usual gleeful smile.

Oh yeah, flowers haet. A lot of the flower ornaments were improvised squiggles. I should really work on how to draw various flowers properly.


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