[QD] Eiha – Chaos Dragon

Quick post while trying to upload my other doodles. Net has been really bad recently, at time I had to terminate and relaunch the youtube app just to get watch a new vid after finishing one. Though this only happens when I’m on mobile, I don’t experience it at my home’s wifi.

The only doodle I was able to upload (after waiting for a while) is of Eiha from Chaos Dragon. Its one of those random animu that I managed to keep watching because of the soundtrack, I still have a few things to nitpick about the plot and the ‘lore’, but that’s probably set on a new post altogether.

Eiha probably stood out to me because of the neko ears. Really a sucker for cat people XD Of course, the other characters are pretty interesting with their own motivations and struggles before the anime’s main storyline and before.


And yeah, the animu’s art style is way different from mine so….. I had struggles!! Yes, yes. “Struggles”. Dreaded fingers, the neko ears needs work.



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