[QD] Slumped

Been a while since I last posted. I’ve been in a slump for a long while. Though I still do some quick doodles, most of them end up really bad. Well, except for this one XD


Original photo is from Ely Cosplay (link here).

The insomnia from FFXIV probably had to do with the slump. Just hit 50 last week, and as most AAA mmorpgs go: “life starts at max level”. Well for FFXIV vanilla, that is. Got my Paladin and White Mage to 50 almost at the same time. With its Summoner job trailing behind at around 30~ish.

Oh and I was also on a playing spree in Cytus, trying to FC my fave songs. Chain Chronicle has been busy with the events as well, I think I’ve found the right playstyle to get to demon raid 100 with my limited lineup.

On the flip side, work load has been sporadic recently. Days where heavy work loads makes the would-be previous relaxed days seem unreal. But hey, it’s still manageable.

APCC is already starting, looking forward to it this weekend. XD


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