[QD] Backlogs “OTL

Work has been picking up recently so I was pretty much preoccupied w/ a lot of things outside work. (FFXIV, MGSV, Chain Chronicles, *couch*beinglostinthought*cough*) With the League of Legends Worlds group stages in the passed 2 weeks, and at the same time new animu coming out at the start of the season, The weeks has been crazy and busy. Either way, I’ve neglected uploading a few doodles I had during the long office hours so here’s my backlog for a long while

That said, I’m slowly working on some writeups and a few short stories that has been plaguing me for a while now ever since that last talk I had with a friend on RPG systems etc. Busy weeks/months, as expected, this will probably go on for a while or until Nov/Dec hits.

I still have a lot of photos from APCC that I’ve been meaning to upload but haven’t got the time (nor energy) to do so. I’ll probably compile it for some random post w/ all of the events/cons that happened back then (APCC + BOA + Book fair).

oh yeah~ will try to fix the links later when I get home


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