[QD] Frustrations =_=

Finally reached Heavensward content!! \o/ After a long while (and tons of stalling via daily roulettes), my char was finally able to finish pre-HS content. *Shakes fist at Teledji*

Anyways, I’ve got a bit of free time to make this. The angle of her face was the biggest struggle for me. I’ve been meaning to draw something that has this angle, but it’s kinda hard to look for a model/cosplayer picture that can move and motivate me to draw. This probably has the most ‘restarts’ in my sketchpad, as I’m not exactly that sure how to approach the angle, I almost tore off the page while using the eraser at times.


Well, it should look like her (reference here) and the details of the clothes were rushed. Yes, I know: I’ve been lazy when I get satisfied w/ how the head/face looks like, neglecting the rest of the drawing. But her face was my original goal (and probably the hand as well “orz). Of course, it needs a lot of work, comparing how she looks in the real photo.

Oh well


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