[QD] Table Flip >:E

Been weeks since I last worked on something serious. Tales of Zestiria has been eating up my time at home. And by the time I got burned out by the game, I swapped to FFXIV. Lo and behold: my White Mage and Paladin reached max level on the same weekend. With my Summoner trailing behind at lv58.

And because of Zestiria, I wasn’t able to get some decent sleep over the weeknights. I have been dozing off more times than when I was playing MGSV. On the other hand, work load has been a bit lenient recently. Still working on the remaining stuff for the project, with the occasional table flip moments at work. The project started off on the wrong foot and we’re left trying to fix things along the way.

December is fast approaching, and I’m starting to look into stuff that I can build for my master race. Its been a while since I’ve played decently on the PC, my laptop’s vidcard is busted so its a glorified social media machine at the moment XD

Meanwhile, this is the best I can squeeze out of my ‘sane’ time at work XD Orig pic is drawn from Shimo’s recent Rory Mercury cosplay (link here). Finished it last Thursday but I forgot to upload it since I’ve been so preoccupied busy


I promised myself to focus on the details of the clothes after the previous doodle. So far, it looks okay~ (the more I stare at it, the more hideous it becomes “orz) I’ll try working on a new one without a model/pic to follow. Thinking of Rose from Zestiria (she’s my main atm). That is, if I don’t derp at it again. XD


[QD] Drained

With Chain Chronicle’s recent demon raid coming to an end, my squeezed up time is now free for other things~ like doodling!! XD

I think I got lucky w/ my pulls (got Hati) as they made the raid so much easier (and the fastest leveling stint I have for one character). Either way, the days have been busy and slow recently and all of them are pretty meh so far. Uneventful days abound, I guess. Zestiria has been giving me a lot to stress, given how the harder difficulty settings (plus the stupid AI) making the game unforgiving. There were times when I just want my team to just avoid the boss and let me dance with it Bloodborne-style (Rose is ozm btw), but they end up derping and make stupid positional errors, getting them killed in the process. So my initial self-imposed difficulty of “No items and not deaths on Hard/Intense diff” ended up as “No items and having no more than 3 deaths in a boss fight on Hard/Intense diff”. XD

On the other hand, since the CC’s Demon Raid event finally ended, I was able to get this out (finally)


Orig source here

The doodle has been sitting on my pad for more than a week now, and just finished it yesterday. The frustrations on the details, especially the headband/cloth, really get to me. I need to have clothes as the main subject for my next doodle if I’m ever going to get passed this struggle. This is really true when I felt satisfied on how the face/head turn out (like my previous one)