[QD] Drained

With Chain Chronicle’s recent demon raid coming to an end, my squeezed up time is now free for other things~ like doodling!! XD

I think I got lucky w/ my pulls (got Hati) as they made the raid so much easier (and the fastest leveling stint I have for one character). Either way, the days have been busy and slow recently and all of them are pretty meh so far. Uneventful days abound, I guess. Zestiria has been giving me a lot to stress, given how the harder difficulty settings (plus the stupid AI) making the game unforgiving. There were times when I just want my team to just avoid the boss and let me dance with it Bloodborne-style (Rose is ozm btw), but they end up derping and make stupid positional errors, getting them killed in the process. So my initial self-imposed difficulty of “No items and not deaths on Hard/Intense diff” ended up as “No items and having no more than 3 deaths in a boss fight on Hard/Intense diff”. XD

On the other hand, since the CC’s Demon Raid event finally ended, I was able to get this out (finally)


Orig source here

The doodle has been sitting on my pad for more than a week now, and just finished it yesterday. The frustrations on the details, especially the headband/cloth, really get to me. I need to have clothes as the main subject for my next doodle if I’m ever going to get passed this struggle. This is really true when I felt satisfied on how the face/head turn out (like my previous one)


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