[QD] Some Rest

Long overdue vacation~ finally!! \o/

And I’m just going to be lazy and stop being an adult for a while. So many games, so little time. Finally done with Tales of Zestiria and has moved on to Fallout4. I’m trying out a ninja blitzer build for my character, so far it has answers to a lot of things the wasteland throws at me.

As a last doodle for the year (because I left my sketchpad in the office), I went back to some of Kameko’s cosplay pics. Really love her works.


Orig link

It’s been a while since I last tried to draw this realistic. I had a lot of troubles with the lips (as usual), and her eyes gave me a bit more trouble with the alignment than I expected. I am getting sluggish again (blaming work because of it lolz)

Was working on a few poses for Zestiria’s Rose (wind kamui form). Hopefully I can finish one next year.


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