[QD] Random New Year Musings

Pretty uneventful new year for me. Just been making more opportunities for me to stay at home instead of resting up in Valenzuela. The new rig has been keeping me at home, catching up w/ the PC games esp Guild Wars 2. It came to a point where I completely ignored Fallout 4. I’ll post the specs sometime later. So far, I’m just trying to catch up w/ a lot of things.

Getting the new PC finally allowed me to get back to a lot of things I put aside because of my laptop’s issues. I can continue with Unity Dev, get back to using PTSai, back to LoL, and of course, MOAR GAEMZ.

With this kind of start for 2016, I’m so looking forward to learning new things. Hopefully I won’t get stuck in FB or any unnecessary time sink that’ll keep me preoccupied.

Anyways, vacation ended last week and I still had a lot of derping coming into work back in Monday. But one thing’s for sure, I really missed drawing. 2 quick ones to scratch the itch XD

Here’s to getting more out of 2016 :3


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