[QD] Glasses

First off: FRIDAY PAYDAY!!

Okay, its actually something I usually look forward to (aside from the weekend, of course). Work has been draggy recently and I’m left pretty unmotivated in the mornings. My usual daily grind involves me working passed my shift just to accommodate a daily meeting that I have very little participation/updates coming in.

But still, in between breaks and random stuff at work I still manage to get around doodling something. This time, its one of Ely’s cosplays.

The objective here was to try drawing without patterns on a portrait while trying to make it as close to the orig pic as I can (link to be added when I get home).

The challenge started with just drawing her left eye with the glasses frame. From there the right eye, then hair down to her lips (w/c is something I’m really not comfy drawing) and finally, her hands.


Drawing the hands is a challenge to me as the photo composition makes clever use of the shades to give her some depth, something I can’t do easily unless I try some makeshift shading along the way. But still, I finally pull through and actually like how it turns out.

Will try to do more of these for this year. Lack of updates coming in coz I’m swamped at work and games eating up my time at home.


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