[QD] Winter Yordle

Another quick doodle for me. Was planning to draw Terri’s lovely Winter Wonder Lulu cosplay (link later) sooner but I was out for the One OK Rock concert the day after she uploaded her cosplay pic.

Please check out her profile, I really like her LoL and KanColle cosplays.


On the flip side, I’m getting back to writing. All in the while, going through the various tutorials in Unity3D. I’m considering getting either 3D modelling/animation classes or piano lessons this year. Either way, the work load has been light enough recently to let me draw.

Song playlist for me recently, especially when drawing, are mainly piano pieces from various sources (movies, anime, games, etc). It kinda helped me draw in a nice mood than listening to rock. It also explains me revisiting Deemo recently. XD

Will try to draw more and probably try posting here some of my short stories. I still have this anxiety of having people proof read my work, but I guess I’ll have to go through it if I want to improve.

Here’s to more days of great whatevs. XD


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