[QD] Idleshire

With all of the stuff (that I need to keep tabs on) going on, I still end up wasting time in social media. Work gets a bit frustrating as I find more and more roadblocks as I find alternatives to solutions.

But as far as dev work goes, there will always be a work-around or solution to problems, or we compromise and find something that can work for everyone.

On the flip side, during these stumped situations where I (become idle and) get to draw more decently than my usual impulse. This one is a quick 30min doodle of JasperZ’s stunning Sheryl Nome cosplay (link here).


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I really love the details on the costume, as this is something I want to replicate when I draw. Too bad I can’t go all out with the pencil. “orz

There a lot of mistakes here but they’ll get fixed later on, need to get back to work. XD

edit: reuploaded the doodle