[QD] In Between Complacency and Perfection

Ever since getting an n3DS for Fire Emblem Fates (started out with Conquest), my free time has been funnelled into the game trying to make Classic-Lunatic work (without any casualties). This means tons and tons of resets on chapter 10 just to survive. “orz

But it was a decision I’ve made and never regretted. I am still a firm believer that the Lunatic difficulty is carefully designed to be finished with no deaths on your team. And it is something I strive for. Its more of me not succumbing to a poor tactic by sacrificing characters just for a mission to succeed. Still in chapter 11 after a week or so, but I’m not rushing the game. (Well, unless The Division pulls me away from the game)

That aside, I’ve been neglecting my daily practice on the guitar and sketching. And that’s what I have to change. Work has been more tiring but the stress is manageable. I guess playing games like Fire Emblem, where your mind is being squeezed out and mistakes (including bad RNG luck) gives you more stress than work has, is making things at work seem more amendable.

Sadly, my doodling/sketches took a hit as well, I’m doing more practices but they were never completed. I need to aim again to 1-2 complete sketches a week to practice. Weekly stints on tutorials and whatnots that help expand my skills. Almost an entire month has passed and I’m only able to churn out one. Still not happy with this as I know I can do better. Here is a quick doodle of Kameko’s cosplay (link here)


Funny thing about this is that the more I stare at it, the more I want to redo everything. Eyes aren’t aligned and I’m relying on the photo too much instead of trusting my instincts and wing it. Oh well, I think I can get out of this weird slump by trying to draw Fire Emblem characters (I still have plans on drawing Rose from Zestiria as well)