[QD] Tanzanite

Long overdue post. This was mainly because I was struggling with this sketch. Funnily enough, this started on a practice page, w/ all of the other doodles. Having it turning out pretty nice, I opted to erase the rest of the page. Work being hectic delayed this sketch for over a week.


This is drawn from one of Ely’s selfies with her Sakuya (Tanzanite ver) cosplay. I have to 2nd guess the patterns (and the rest of the pic) on my own. Despite the struggles in making it work, it is always a pleasure to draw her stunning cosplays.


Work has been really bad recently, with all the tasks piling up as the project deadline looms. Meanwhile, I managed to find Brandon Sanderson’s original Mistborn Trilogy. Having both No Man’s Sky and Star Ocean 5 disappointing me a lot (plus the FFXV delay to Nov), I’m seeing this as a time to finish the books or probably pick up I am Setsuna.

At the moment, I’m trying to look for something for my next sketch. I’ll probably go back to working into character poses and designs. Hopefully I’d get more out of it once work slows down.