[QD] Unmade and Waiting

Your unborn world is waiting for you, so it can join the millions of stories in existence, like stars in a galaxy.

– Meteora, Re:CREATORS

Just a random quote I found while catching up on my anime backlog. This struck me hard as I felt that I’ve been stalling for a while now for it. The worldweaving, the storybuilding, its been there all the time, waiting for me to pull myself out of my rut.

Its somewhat ironic that one of my main diversions is indirectly urging me to go back. And while I can conveniently blame 2017’s Q1 game releases, it has always been me who made the choice to stall.

I guess I need to start by saying “Day one”, instead of “One day” when I plan for my aspirations.

Now that my random musing is out of the way, here is a quick doodle today at work.

Still need more practise on the lips (and probably everything else too)


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