[QD] Stalemate

A lot of progress recently, mainly on keeping up the habit of finding the time to work on my doodles and world building. I actually have a few drafts that I want to iron out as my high concept. In a few weeks I’ll move back to digital drawing and continue from there, I have so many wips on my tablet at the moment. Mostly stalled because I got sidetracked when focusing on my day job, and me trying to catch up to my game backlog (curse you, Q1 2017).

There is so much I want to work on but time has been fleeting for me. I think I’m at this impasse where I have to give up something big if I really want significant progress.

Anyways, day job has been hectic but it should soon simmer down once Prod release kicks in. I’ve breezed through Horizon: Zero Dawn, fell hard for Nier Automata’s story telling, and adapted to Nioh’s odd formula for a souls game. Now trying to play through P5 and probably shift to Gravity Rush 2 afterwards.

Here’s to more struggling.


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