[QD] Yellow Brick Road

Weeks recently have been so exhausting for me. With all the problems piling up I was afraid of wanting to draw while in this sort-of depression. I was afraid that if I accept this state as normal I would feel less human. The annoying part is that I always find solace while drawing, it calms me in these dire situations while letting me get used to what I’m feeling at the moment.

My games are not helping right now so I went back with other venues to let my mind wander. Books and music got me the quick solace that allows me to. And in that minute saunter, I was able to draw (just a bit) again.

Right now, I feel that I’m dashing, face first, into a brick wall; And I’m hoping that a wrecking ball, or even just a sledge hammer, would smash it before I hit it.


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