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OneLinerFixGoesHere(string dafuq)

Bug fixing, it’s always part of development. And at times, depending on how your project defines them, they can range from things as minor as verbiage changes (mispelled “The” with “Teh”~~ hahahaha….. “orz), all the way to drastically changing an entire module’s functionality (to some, Feature Requests falls under Bugs as well)

One thing’s for sure, there are those that will leave you aghast at the amount of code you have to put in. At some point you might even feel that you are trying to do a lot just because you can’t find a solution after delving into 5-10 threads in StackOverflow. On the flip side, you might doubt your one liner fix after trying to debug a 3rd party (open source) plugin for an entire afternoon. Not to mention that bug fixes could spawn more issues if they are addressed haphazardly.

Not exactly going to suggest some guidelines for it since mine has been varied way too much. But for what it’s worth StackOverflow might have a solution or two for you to try out if you just search with the right keywords. Or you can try to be really specific with your inquiry, something along lines of~ “plugin feature issue with IE8”. (I crai all the time). Meanwhile, a one liner could have been a more convincing fix if the module has the proper documentation to elaborate on what it does.

In any way, bug fixing is probably the most annoying part of dev werkz. And as more paradigms/practices are introduced to minimize recurrence of bug issues, getting a list of bugs to fix kinda feels assuring that at least the application has some to be refined further.