[QD] Sleep without a memory

With Chaos Dragon coming to a close, my LSS shifted to its first ED theme. Its been on repeat since yesterday as it reminded me of that last scene way back in the first ep. Its probably the best soundtrack to put for that scene.


That aside, I still like the original Eiha XD



Its been weeks where my “slump” plagued me and prevented me from trying really hard. I usually have this high expectation/goal for me that kept me going. Seeing as myself not good enough, but still happy with the progress I’m having.

It was a nice mantra for a while, until I slowly starting to doubt if I’ll ever see realize that Ideal. And when that anxiety consumed my hopeful outlook, I started to draw less. The last few felt really forced and I can’t seem to find that zone where I’m moved to draw.

I channeled my attention somewhere else: cooking, games, playing the guitar, etc. They are productive hobbies (besides games and mmos XD) but they weren’t the ones that made me feel fulfilled. They were time sinks, they never feed my soul as much as the feeling of touching and tracing the lines with my fingers; the flourish of quick strokes that would etch a smile.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone went through something like this, and I’m sure that the answer varies from person to person. My respite came from someone’s voiced appreciation of my last doodle.

You see, I stopped uploading my drawings in FB because there was at some point I felt that I’m drawing just for the attention and the ‘likes’. I moved here, with the bizarre tagging keys, not to get my drawings noticed, but as a place where I can draw freely. All without the expectations and comments, both positive and negative.

One random day last week I decided to draw one quick doodle and share it to the actual cosplayer via pm, just a random impulse trying to shake things up on my end, thinking that it might pull me out of my rut. As it turns out, she was flattered, moved. She actually liked it.

I’m glad that my work was good enough to make someone appreciate it, that someone validated the growth I had with this hobby. And despite being envious of other’s talents, there are those who would appreciate mine as well.

This will keep me going for a while. Here’s to hoping that I can face my current self a couple of years later and said that I’ve moved people to pursue their arts when they see mine, the same way I’m moved to draw whenever I see a great photo/scene.

[QD] Slumped

Been a while since I last posted. I’ve been in a slump for a long while. Though I still do some quick doodles, most of them end up really bad. Well, except for this one XD


Original photo is from Ely Cosplay (link here).

The insomnia from FFXIV probably had to do with the slump. Just hit 50 last week, and as most AAA mmorpgs go: “life starts at max level”. Well for FFXIV vanilla, that is. Got my Paladin and White Mage to 50 almost at the same time. With its Summoner job trailing behind at around 30~ish.

Oh and I was also on a playing spree in Cytus, trying to FC my fave songs. Chain Chronicle has been busy with the events as well, I think I’ve found the right playstyle to get to demon raid 100 with my limited lineup.

On the flip side, work load has been sporadic recently. Days where heavy work loads makes the would-be previous relaxed days seem unreal. But hey, it’s still manageable.

APCC is already starting, looking forward to it this weekend. XD