[QD] Frustrations =_=

Finally reached Heavensward content!! \o/ After a long while (and tons of stalling via daily roulettes), my char was finally able to finish pre-HS content. *Shakes fist at Teledji*

Anyways, I’ve got a bit of free time to make this. The angle of her face was the biggest struggle for me. I’ve been meaning to draw something that has this angle, but it’s kinda hard to look for a model/cosplayer picture that can move and motivate me to draw. This probably has the most ‘restarts’ in my sketchpad, as I’m not exactly that sure how to approach the angle, I almost tore off the page while using the eraser at times.


Well, it should look like her (reference here) and the details of the clothes were rushed. Yes, I know: I’ve been lazy when I get satisfied w/ how the head/face looks like, neglecting the rest of the drawing. But her face was my original goal (and probably the hand as well “orz). Of course, it needs a lot of work, comparing how she looks in the real photo.

Oh well


[QD] New Faves

Slow weeks came in with tons of work, while me getting a micro SD card for my phone finally got me to try out a few new games (that I got addicted to). Fallout Shelter and Deemo (especially) became my new fave mobile game while waiting for AP in Chain Chronicles. Fallout Shelter is a time sink, while Deemo replaced as my rhythm game of choice mainly because I’m loving the piano pieces. Specifically the ones from V.K. Tunneled hard whenever I try to play Hard mode on his songs

Meanwhile, on the doodle~works. I’ve been doing less because of Deemo XD but I managed to churn out a quick one in between game stints.

Will update later with a link to the original pic.

[QD] Backlogs “OTL

Work has been picking up recently so I was pretty much preoccupied w/ a lot of things outside work. (FFXIV, MGSV, Chain Chronicles, *couch*beinglostinthought*cough*) With the League of Legends Worlds group stages in the passed 2 weeks, and at the same time new animu coming out at the start of the season, The weeks has been crazy and busy. Either way, I’ve neglected uploading a few doodles I had during the long office hours so here’s my backlog for a long while

That said, I’m slowly working on some writeups and a few short stories that has been plaguing me for a while now ever since that last talk I had with a friend on RPG systems etc. Busy weeks/months, as expected, this will probably go on for a while or until Nov/Dec hits.

I still have a lot of photos from APCC that I’ve been meaning to upload but haven’t got the time (nor energy) to do so. I’ll probably compile it for some random post w/ all of the events/cons that happened back then (APCC + BOA + Book fair).

oh yeah~ will try to fix the links later when I get home